Motor Auctions

Working at over 24 Auction sites throughout the UK, we specialise in providing professional valeting services to a number of renowned car industry leaders where we turn around high volumes of vehicles to tight deadlines. From supercentres to more niche operations combined with a truly nationwide presence we are well equipped to deliver outstanding results whatever your requirement, all met with what you would expect from a market leader, including:

  • Management Support
  • Flexible Working Hours
  • Health & Safety Aspects
  • Access to Data Information

Cost Effective Solutions

We work all the way with our clients to complement their operations and provide cost effective solutions and innovations such as introducing timed temperature controlled pressure washers, not only reducing heat energy but also a fuel reduction of over 25% for PJM Valeting as a group in 2012.

Where we valet

“PJM Valeting have worked with Manheim Auctions for over 9 years and now provide valeting services at all of our sites around the UK. The delivery of a consistent, high quality of service along with a proactive, flexible approach displayed by Paul Moore and his team has led to a position where PJM are viewed as a key strategic partner within Manheim’s business secured by an agreement for service provision into 2015. This commitment to PJM Valeting is reflective of the commitment and hard work PJM valeting dedicate to Manheim Auctions.”

Nigel Paling - General Manager Bruntingthorpe, Manheim Auctions